Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Albedo One at Worldcon

When: Sun 11.00
Location: P-524C

Title: Albedo One
Session ID: 572

Hopefully this item will be attended by more than just me and Dave and John and Frank (also known as Team Albedo). We'd love to see any of you there to discuss small press and magazine publishing in general and, obviously, Albedo One in particular. But it does help to have people to talk to at this sort of thing. So, don't be shy. Come along and talk to the Paddies. We'll probably be hungover (I think there's a line in our visa that requires it) but we'll do our best to be friendly, entertaining and informative.

The Finns Are Coming

The Finnish SF community (thank you Anne Leinonen) have put us in contact with the winner of their annual short story contest. So I am currently in dialogue with Mari Saario concerning translation of her story, Kenkänaula. I must ask her what that translates as. Hopefully we will have it for an issue of Albedo One early in 2010.